Utopias Dystopias and Eden Arcadias


About dreams and desires, visions and values.....

An island where people can grow some awareness. An island that collects people and slows down their sense of time. We are not focused on particular problems, but rather on the process of solutions, of imagining an ideal notion of living space, and exploring the capability of building networks and communicating with neighbors.
The project is to design and create an artificial mobile island (i.e. an old steamboat, “vaporetto”) drawing inspiration from floating islands as the Huros’ in the Titikaka Lake, to the Laputa Island from Gulliver’s Travels. The island should be able to move around, to transport people from one garden/park to another, along varying routes to be planned. While moving, the “passengers” could become “gardeners”.

Mise à flot de la maquette du projet Floating Island, polystyrène, plantes, bois, 1,20x2m. Ile de San Servolo, Venise, Italie 2005. Courtesy Katia Kameli, ADAGP